Q: What type of artworks are you looking for?

A: Our gallery niche focuses on offering 100% original fine art by emerging artists at accessible prices. 

Our focus is primarily on wall and sculpture art. All genres are accepted.

All pieces must be original. We do not exhibit limited or open editions, prints, lithographs, serigraphs, giclées, or etchings. 


We are currently not exhibiting any photography, video art, or literary art. We do not exhibit digital art unless it is used sparsely as a part of a composition or collage.   

The Gallery maintains the final discretion as to which pieces it chooses to display.

Q: What is the gallery commission on the pre-tax selling price of each work?

 A: 50% 

Q: How long is the exhibition contract for?

A: We are currently offering one-month exhibition contracts. Depending on sales, a contract extension may be offered at the gallery's discretion.

Q: What if someone comes to the gallery and requests that I create a special commission?

A: The gallery will facilitate the arrangements and assess a 50% commission and facilitation fee on the pre-tax sales price of any commissioned pieces.  

Do I maintain the creative rights to my artworks?

A: Yes.

I created a work of art from a photograph that was not mine. Can I exhibit and sell the work in your gallery?

A: If you created a piece of art based on a photograph that you do not own the rights to, the creator of the photograph, i.e. the photographer, holds the copyright to the photo and, unless they've expressly given permission for its use, making a painting (or other work of art) based on the photo infringes on the photographer's copyright. So, unfortunately, unless you have received written permission from the original photographer who created the image, we will not be able to exhibit the piece.

Q: How much should I charge for my work?

A: In addition to covering the cost of your supplies and time, you will also want to take the following into consideration when determining the price of your artwork.

  • The more accessibly priced your pieces, the faster they will sell. 
  • While we consider pieces in all price ranges, in general, items that are priced under $500 sell quickest in our gallery. 
  •  *** In addition, Discover EAS has published advertisements which offer 20% off discount coupons.  This discount is split between the gallery and the artist. Please be sure to price your works so that you are still satisfied with the final amount that you receive should your item sell to a client utilizing this advertised discount.***  

Q: You've accepted my work for exhibition in the gallery! What do I need to do now?

Congratulations! We can't wait to display your work. Please make sure to examine the following checklist carefully to properly deliver your works.

To commence the contract:  

  • Complete the Exhibition and Sales Agreement via the Electronic Document Signing Service.
  • Make an appointment to deliver your artwork. Artwork may be delivered and installed Thursday-Saturday only from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Call 949-444-5330 during regular business hours to schedule a drop-off appointment.

At least 5 days before your installation date email the following information to: info@discovereas.com:  

  • Artist bio or statement (maximum of 40 words) for the gallery wall plaque. 
  • Info sheet about yourself and/or your works, and/or your process so that the gallery staff can become well-informed when discussing you and your work with clients.
  • Spec sheet with the dimensions of all items to be exhibited.  

Prior to installation date:  

  • GALLERY WRAP and/or frame all wall art. (Works with visible staples and/or unfinished sides will NOT be accepted.)
  • Pre-install all hanging hardware so that all artworks are READY TO HANG, or to be displayed, on the day of the installation.    

On the installation date:  

  • Create a Certificate of Authenticity for each piece exhibited and deliver TWO COPIES with each artwork. (We will provide you with a template.)
  • The Discover staff will assist you with the installation and display of your artworks on your scheduled installation day. 
  • A representative of the artist may deliver and install the artworks if the artist is not available. 

You didn't accept my work for exhibition. Why not?

The decision on whether to include an artists work in the gallery is made by a jury of 3 curators. The final decisions are purely subjective and should never be taken as a judgement as to the quality of the art submitted.


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